Funny Photo Maker


Edit your photographs and make them funnier


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Do you want to see your face in a koala, on the front page of a magazine or on a giant panel in New York Fifth Avenue? Funny Photo Maker does it for you.

This entertaining program edits photographs giving them different effects, it has more than 200 available templates to choose from to make your images more artistic or to make your friends laugh.
It also creates calendars with your favorite photos and designs animations exporting your photographs in GIF format. A complete, quick and simple editor that guarantees a funny result.

Dare to use Funny Photo Maker and give your photos a new look. You don´t even need basic knowledge of photography editing, the program is prepared for all kinds of people and creates your photos automatically, you will just have to upload your photos to the gallery and it will detect the faces that appear; you will also be able to modify the points so it adapts better to the template you have chosen.

Funny Photo Maker offers you a real-time preview and supports BMP, JPG or PNG formats, depending on your requirements so you can play and decorate your whole picture gallery adding texts and clips.
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